The Castle of Baia and snorkeling

The Castle of Baia, the Aragonese masterpiece that overlooks the Gulf of Pozzuoli for millennia.

See it appear on the horizon by browsing the gulf to edge of Madame Medusa, elegantly laid on the brink of the funds of the Bay, makes appear immediately in the eyes of the spectator the history of this corner of Naples still little known but always admired, since the roman times, traces of which can be admired in the land and in the sea.

An open sky museum, perfect also for the snorkeling lovers, which will be able to admire the Roman villas, statues and archaeological finds fitted with mask and snorkel and curiosity.

A boat tour rich in history, tradition and culture

Just a bit of history, to try to make you imagine the scenario that awaits you by choosing the boat tour of the Phlegraean Fields, the place in which arose the first military port of the Roman Empire in the natural frame of Bacoli.

The first Roman traces in the bay are already narrated by Tacitus as likely location of Villa di Cesare, whose ruins can still be admired today, incorporated in the Aragonese fortress or along the slopes to the sea.

The natural position of the hill between the caldare two volcanos said “funds of Baia” and the cliff overlooking the sea, inspired in 1495 the military ingenuity of the Aragoneses who saw in the Bay the ideal place to hold the fortress in defense of the kingdom of Naples.

The Aragonese project today does not remain traces, if not in the name. What we see today is the project wanted by the Spanish viceroy Pedro Alvarez de Toledo who ordered a radical restoration of the building following the eruption of Monte Nuovo.

With the passing of the centuries, the Castle of Baia changed its intended use, crossing periods of abandonment or contention between the various national bodies becoming real military orphanage, military prison or shelter for the families of the victims of the earthquake of the Irpinia area.

Today the jewel of Baia preserves in its mighty walls the Museo Archeologico dei Campi Flegrei, that from the top notes and supervises the sunken treasures of the submerged park of Baia.

The submerged park of Baia: the paradise of snorkeling

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After the land and the sea. Cradled by the waves and caressed by the sea breeze, the crew of Madame Medusa will give you the opportunity to discover and touch with hand the sunken treasures of the Bay.

A dip – literally – in the past, where to welcome you will be mosaics, traces of frescoes, sculptures, columns and road exceptionally preserved and populated by the inhabitants of the sea.

A true paradise for lovers of snorkeling and history lovers or uniqueness… and Naples, in this, is second to none!

The boat trip in the Phlegraean Fields

In these few lines we have tried to make you imagine these places rich in history and myths. But a thousand words cannot replace the excitement and fun that the boat trip in the Phlegraean Fields with Madame Medusa can give you… then enough talk and all aboard!

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