Visit the Phlegraean Fields and the ancient city of Bacoli

Visita Campi Flegrea in barca

A holiday off the beaten path in the ancient
city of Bacoli

The tourist itineraries of vacationers from all over the world often lacks imagination. There is a tendency to choose the most popular places, instead of taking the time to really “discover” places based on personal interests or important historical events. The ideal trip is not only the one to the big cities or to the most important monuments or the one directed to the dream seaside resorts where vacation is commercially packaged.

The holiday you don’t expect is the one in which you take a history book and a geographic map and start to retrace the streets, views and ancient cities that have made the history of the world.

Among the most interesting destinations for this type of experience is certainly the ancient Greco-Roman city of Bacoli, the first municipality in the north west of the Phlegrean peninsula. The Campi Flegrei Regional Park, which incorporates the historic towns of Baia, Fusaro, Miseno, Cuma, and Miliscola, is one of the most extraordinary areas to visit in Italy.

The Phlegrean Fields, although decentralized with respect to the original crater, are also part of the Phlegraean islands of Ischia, Procida and Vivara.

The Madame Medusa team will accompany you to discover fascinating historic routes, while delivering the pleasures of a relaxing holiday and culinary treats. Comfortable departures are also available from Mergellina and / or Pozzuoli. We will customize your holiday according to your needs. There is the possibility to sleep on board, up to 4 + 2 beds. Contact us for info!

The Phlegraean Fields have immense historical, scenic, and territorial importance to the Campania region.

One of the many reasons this part of Campania is a prime destination is attributed to the Grand Tour from the 17th century to the 19th century, attracting visitors from all over Europe. Among them, Goethe, who in his journey to Italy gives a broad description to the many interesting reasons to visit.

Although reduced compared to the ancient era, there are still numerous sources of thermal waters that flow through the Plegrean Fields. In addition to the most famous thermal springs scattered throughout the island of Ischia, on the mainland, on the other hand, the Terme di Agnano are highly renowned. An especially therapeutic thermal bath is the Terme Puteolane and finally in Lucrino is the “Stufe di Nerone” which is very popular for relaxation and therapies, where besides the modern diving facilities, there are saunas that correspond to the ancient architecture of the Roman era, and the “Lido Nerone – Lo scoglio“, where you can immerse yourself in boiling waters in the special pools located on the beach.

Continuing the journey within the city of Bacoli, we recommend visiting “the ancient Misenum“, a village built in Roman times, home to the important praetorian fleet of the emperor. The Miliscola beach still retains in its name the memory of the training that the Roman sailors carried out (militum schola). The Sacello degli Augustali, splendidly rebuilt in a special room of the Archaeological Museum of the Phlegraean Fields, has come to light from the ancient military village. Among the most representative monuments remains the Piscina Mirabilis, the largest known water tank ever built by the ancient Romans, which supplied the Roman navy ships that arrived in the port of Miseno with drinking water. The current hamlet of Miseno is located at the foot of the promontory of Capo Miseno which represents the last offshoot of the mainland that encloses the Gulf of Pozzuoli, the extreme tip of the Gulf of Naples.

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